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Community Mental Health Professionals On The Go

Resources to help you survive & thrive as a home-based provider

What is Community Mental Health?

Community mental health refers to a model where the community and the clients’ homes serve as the primary system and location of treatment. To support CMH professionals in agency settings, My Car Is My Office provides evidence-based resources, social support, and career advice.

Stay in the know on all things community mental health and home-based services

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Learn about best practices in community mental health and find tips to make the most out of your career.

Browse worksheets for children, teens, and adults that are available for instant downloads.

Explore our favorite books, podcasts, and other resources for students and therapists-in-training

Latest Posts

Theory to Practice: CBT Progress Note

When asked what subjects they wished they would have covered more in college, some members in our Facebook group for community mental health professionals responded that they would have preferred more training in integrating theory…

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Writing an Unstructured Progress Note

Effective documentation is critical to client care with psychotherapy notes often being the most common type of clinical documentation mental health professionals will complete in a day. There any many styles of progress notes from…

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Ready to take your mental health agency to the next level?

Investing in consulting can ensure your agency has the systems in place to meet the needs of your participants and your employees. I offer evidenced-based consulting and trainings through my practice Revive Counseling and Consulting LLC. 

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