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FREE Sample Group Supervision Welcome Packet

For those of you who might not know or are new to My Car Is My Office, I am currently working towards my PhD in Counselor Education and Supervision (while still working full time in community mental health – the focus of this website). One of the requirements of my program, and most counseling doctoral programs, is that we have to supervise masters-level practicum and internship students individually or in a group every semester. 

As I am still working towards my own license to practice independently, supervising students has been such an eye-opening and rewarding experience. Fortunately for myself and my supervisees, this means I am supported in my supervision practice by faculty, my administrative supervisor at my job, and my clinical supervisor who oversees my licensure process. This results in a multi-level dual supervision experience; I can engage in my own reflective supervision while encouraging a reflective supervision practice in my supervisees. 

Lisa Asheim in the book “Practical Clinical Supervision for Counselors: An Experiential Guide” (2012) noted that “A supervisor who aims to practice competent supervision builds his knowledge about supervision as a discrete field of practice”. 

With the recognition of supervision as a speciality field, I wanted to share a sample of the Group Supervision Welcome Packet that I modified from the welcome packet that I made for individual supervision.

How might students and professionals choose to use this supervision welcome packet?

  • Use it as a model to create your own supervision orientation material
  • Use it as a sample to teach masters or PhD level supervision courses.
  • Use it as an example to introduce the concept of group supervision.
  • Includes list of supplemental educational resources such as podcasts and books for counselors in training.
Page 1
Page 2

Click on the PDF below to download my free Group Supervision Welcome Packet:

Have feedback or want to see more supervision resources like this? Let me know in the comments below! 


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